Woolies restructure could shaft local workers

HINCHINBROOK MP Nick Dametto has stood up for workers who could be facing the sack by supermarket behemoth Woolworths after details of the company’s restructuring plan were revealed.

Mr Dametto was outraged that managerial positions could be lost under the restructure, which will create two new departments in store and require staff to manage multiple sections.

“Once again we are seeing corporate greed override that of working people, all to save a few bucks,” he said.

“However, I’m not surprised by this move from Woolworths. We all know how disgracefully they treat our farmers, which was once again highlighted through their milk pricing practices. Katter’s Australian Party led the charge in Queensland Parliament through Hill MP Shane Knuth’s Fair Milk Mark Bill and helped give this issue national attention.

“The KAP has been the only political party to call out both Woolworths and Coles on their shoddy business practices. This latest announcement provides yet another reason to break up the duopoly and level the supermarket playing field.”

Mr Dametto was sceptical of Woolworths’ claim there would be no expected job losses under the restructure.

“We’ve seen media reports today which contradict that claim. A transition guide booklet has been given to staff where it states the possibility of redundancies in the event a worker’s role is made redundant under this restructure,” he said.

“It appears Woolworths are actively misleading the public over what their true intentions are. In my personal experience, whenever a company does a restructure it is never to benefit the worker. It is always to benefit the bottom line.”

The Retail and Fast Food Workers Union has claimed the jobs targeted are mostly management positions and thousands of redundancy letters have been issued across Woolworths’ supermarket network.

“If true, that is extremely worrying,” Mr Dametto said.

“I have already been contacted by Woolworths staff who hold grave concerns about their future with the company.”

Mr Dametto has three Woolworths stores in his electorate who collectively employ hundreds of local people.

“My thoughts are with all Woolworths staff and their families at this difficult time,” he said.

“I call on Woolworths Group to strongly reconsider their restructuring plan, and sit down with workers and the unions to work out a better way forward that doesn’t include job losses.

“My electorate is suffering economically and the last thing we need is something like this.”

Nick Dametto MP