Vegetation management

If the KAP is given the balance of power at the next election we will introduce legislation which enables every landholder running a commercial agricultural enterprise in North and Western Queensland to clear 3% their land for cropping activities.
The current approach by the government to clearing for High Value Agriculture (HVA) and Irrigated High Value Agriculture (IHVA) is creating a barrier to the development of cropping in North and Western Queensland.
This KAP policy, combined with our water allocation policy, will enable farmers to grow fodder crops to increase productivity and open up new opportunities in cattle finishing and processing.
Safeguards will be put in place to ensure clearing is only undertaken where a farmer has demonstrated a robust development plan that does not risk broad environmental harm.

Fair Milk Mark

The Queensland dairy industry is in chronic decline with the number of dairy farms in Queensland dropping to 430 from over 1,100 in just 15 years. In 2015, the dairy industry brought approximately $4 billion into the Australian economy and employed 50,000 people. We are at risk of losing this significant industry due to the devastating impact of the Coles and Woolworths duopoly and their treatment of farmers.
If we hold the balance of power after the next election the KAP will introduce voluntary logos to be placed on containers of milk that will inform Queensland consumers that a fair price has been paid to the farmer. The logo is a voluntary market mechanism that processors can choose to incorporate into existing milk labels.
KAP member for Hill, Shane Knuth has attempted to introduce this voluntary scheme into parliament on a number of occasions only to be let down by the major parties.
Electorate: Dairy producing Electorates

Multi-Peril Insurance – Funding for data to support greater uptake of Multi-Peril insurance

Multi-Peril insurance currently has a low level of uptake across the Queensland agricultural industries due to the high cost of premiums. The cost of premiums can be brought down by gathering more data on the risks and impacts of production loss on farm businesses.
If the KAP holds the balance of power after the next election, we will fund up to $2 million in research to gather the data necessary to make Multi-Peril insurance more accessible to our primary producers.

Nick Dametto MP