Youth Relocation Sentencing

Crime is a significant problem in communities across Queensland, but particularly in regional areas. Across the North, it is clear that car theft, break and enter and violent crime are an increasing concern for residents.
Traditional sentencing and incarceration laws are not providing an adequate deterrent or aiding in the rehabilitation of criminals, particularly young offenders.
The KAP approach is centred on “Relocation Sentencing”. This will give magistrates the ability to effectively banish offenders from the community in which they committed the crime. They would be sent to an approved property in a remote location where they would work on the land to learn life skills to become better members of society.

If the KAP holds the balance of power after the next election we will introduce laws to allow magistrates to have the option to impose a “relocation sentence” on repeat juvenile offenders and provide funding and initiate the development of a suitable property and facilities in remote North West Queensland.

Nick Dametto MP