National Firearms Agreement

Law-abiding firearm owners should not be punished.

KAP wants to reverse changes made to the National Firearms Agreement. The Queensland state Labor government under Annastacia Palaszczuk, with help from the LNP, agreed to changes to the National Firearms Agreement which have a significant negative impact on licenced firearms owners.

This includes limiting the amount of ammunition that can be purchased and reclassifying leaver action shotguns making them unavailable to most licenced shooters.

These changes are based on political bias with no evidence supporting claims of an increase in community safety. KAP will always fight to protect the rights of law-abiding licenced firearms owners.

Category H Firearms

Farmers need access to category H firearms.

Any owner of a farming operation who has demonstrated responsible firearm ownership by holding a current weapons licence of category A, B or higher has a right to own a category H firearm.

KAP wants immediate steps taken to amend the practices of the weapons licencing division of the Queensland Police, to ensure farmers have access to category H firearms.

Improved Permit System

Real time licencing will free up resources to crack down on illegal weapons.

The current weapons licencing system requires manual processing of applications for permits to acquire for category A and B weapons. This system is slow and inefficient and creates community safety issues. The time taken to process an application may mean individuals who commit an offence that make them ineligible to hold a licence are not captured.

The resources required by the manual system can be better invested into front line services focussed on stopping illegal weapons.

KAP wants to introduce a real time licencing system that enables permits to acquire to be processed at the point of sale. This will mean less resources are required to process applications and the police and retailers will have real time data on the eligibility of individuals to hold a licence.

Nick Dametto MP