Wheels in motion for school bus chaperone

AN innovative idea by Hinchinbrook MP Nick Dametto to stop bullying on a troublesome Townsville school bus will start this week.

Mr Dametto said he was thrilled a Police Liaison Officer would be acting as a chaperone on a local northern beaches Sunbus school route in a bid to prevent any further instances of student bullying on the way to school.

“This is a great, proactive step to stamping out bullying wherever it is,” he said.

“We all know kids can be cruel sometimes but every child has a right to feel safe no matter where they are.”

Last month, Mr Dametto was approached by a constituent from Bluewater who had concerns about her child being bullied daily on the bus to school.

After hearing the constituent’s account, Mr Dametto met with Deeragun police to put forward the idea of having a Police Liaison Officer act as a chaperone on the particular bus which had issues with bullying.

“The account given by the constituent about her child being bullied on the bus was horrifying and I knew we needed to act on this,” Mr Dametto said.

“I’d like to thank Deeragun Police Station Officer in Charge Senior Sergeant Brett Humphreys and Sunbus for their close cooperation on this initiative. I’m hoping it will go some way to acting as a deterrent to would-be bullies.”

While there will be no set days pre-planned for the chaperone, both morning and afternoon “ride alongs” will be conducted each week.

Nick Dametto MP