Time to blow the whistle on Port Hinchinbrook saga

14 May 2024

Hinchinbrook MP and Katter’s Australian Party (KAP) Deputy Leader Nick Dametto has summoned State Government representatives and the Cassowary Coast Regional Council to a crucial meeting in Cairns to address the final steps of the normalisation at the ailed Port Hinchinbrook development.

Despite some good work already being done, a concrete plan for the future of Port Hinchinbrook has yet to materialise.

The meeting, slated to take place at the end of May, will be aimed at finalising an agreed long-term vision for the entire Port Hinchinbrook development.

Mr Dametto emphasized the need for a comprehensive, long-term plan and governance model which should include an infrastructure agreement between all stakeholders that will guide the development for the next 100 years and beyond.

“The lack of progress at Port Hinchinbrook over the past ten years and more can be attributed to the failed Conformed Deed, a planning document that once lumped the developer with the responsibility of all costs and service delivery associated with roads, parks and gardens maintenance, sewage and dredging of the marina basin and One Mile creek,” he said.

“After seven years of hard work I refuse to let the residents of Cardwell become a political football in the upcoming state election. The people of Cardwell are demanding that problems like dredging be put to bed once and for all.

“Over recent months I have been meeting regularly with the Premier, State Government Ministers and representatives and my message has been loud and clear, the normalisation of Port Hinchinbrook must be finalised, and this means coming up with a long-term dredging plan that includes input from everyone.

“It’s important to acknowledge the work that has already occurred to date. The Cassowary Coast Regional Council have taken on the responsibility of the roads, parks and gardens and sewage treatment at the development and none of this could have been possible without generous State and Federal Government funding and cooperation from the previous Council.

“I am pleased to advise that we are now in a position where representatives from various State Departments are prepared to travel north and have a sit-down discussion with the Council to discuss a plan to move the whole development forward. Our intention is to find ways to add certainty and value to the project, with the intention to attract a developer that holds the same vision for Cardwell as we do.

“For too long Port Hinchinbrook has been seen as a liability, but the true potential of this “last of its kind” development along the Queensland east coast could soon be realised with the right State and Local Government support. I implore all those who attend this meet to not be short sighted when it comes to the economic development possibilities of our region.”


Nick Dametto MP