6 October 2021

Nick Dametto MP.

North Queensland is approaching the status of a failed state, and Townsville is front and centre of this crisis.

Our city is excelling in so many aspects but youth crime continues to erode at our way of life while the Palaszczuk Labor Government writes these kids a hall pass.

With up to six cars stolen overnight, on top of the 15 at the weekend, the destruction of lives and assault on our right to law and order continues.

This should be of grave concern for our local Labor MPs but all we’re hearing is either radio silence or an echo that our plan to tackle youth crime is working.

Working for who? The woman who was robbed at knifepoint as she attempted to enter her workplace yesterday morning, and for those residents whose cars were torched and left to burn on our streets? I don’t think so.

We have all had enough.

While the Police Minister and Commissioner spent yesterday congratulating themselves for possibly forcing the resignation of upto 10 per cent of their workforce over mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations, our city was literally alight with burning cars.

In a public statement, the Police Minister stated that Queensland’s police workforce could comfortably cope with the loss of 10 per cent of its current officers.

Suggestions made by the Police Minister that he can just “graduate more recruits” should be called out for what they are – a joke.

At a time of crisis we should be supporting our front-line police with the resources they need and the tough legislation necessary to keep these recidivist youth offenders off our streets.


Nick Dametto MP