Revenue raising bonanza under proposed new croc laws

Hinchinbrook MP and KAP Deputy Leader, Nick Dametto.

25 September 2023

The Palaszczuk Government is considering controversial law changes that would see fines handed down to people who ignore crocodile warning signs or engage in risky behaviour around crocodiles.

Hinchinbrook MP and Katter’s Australian Party (KAP) Deputy Leader, Nick Dametto said the new laws had potential to make criminals out of just about anyone in North Queensland.

“Just about any publicly accessible place with water in North Queensland is covered by a crocodile warning sign,” he said.

“In Ingham, these suggested laws would mean people could potentially be fined every time they launch their boat, walk through the scenic TYTO Wetlands or even walk to the local high school that is located next to a waterway.

“If the do-gooder conservationists who proposed these laws bothered to get off their shiny bums and actually go into these areas, they would have realised just how unintelligent this suggestion is. They would have realised that just walking down a street of Ingham could result in someone getting too close to a crocodile.

“Once again, we’re seeing the value of crocodile life placed above the value of human life. Rather than manage the out-of-control crocodile population, we have a Government that would rather punish humans innocently going about their business.

“The powers to be will try to convince the public that common sense and discretion will apply to these laws should they be passed, but I think we’ve all been around long enough to know that when it comes to Government, common sense never prevails.

“Fines will be dished out left, right and centre in yet another bonza, revenue raising operation.

“Unfortunately, what is being proposed here is yet another ridiculous policy by an inept, Brisbane based Government.

“The only way to reduce crocodile attacks is to control the crocodile population, particularly in areas close to where humans live or frequently visit, such as local waterways and beaches.

“KAP will be introducing their Crocodile Control and Conservation Bill 2023[1]before the end of this term that paves the way for safe and sustainable crocodile control.

“There is only one thing I fear more than crocodiles, and that’s suffering through another term of Labor after October 2024.”


[1] Previously the Safer Waterways Bill 2018,

Nick Dametto MP