Reeling in the Future: Hundreds of Barramundi released into the Hinchinbrook Channel

Hinchinbrook MP and KAP Deputy Leader Nick Dametto releasing barramundi fingerlings into the Herbert River at Gairloch.

11 January 2024

Fishing fanatics can get keen to catch the next “big one” after the Hinchinbrook Channel’s barramundi stocks were boosted this week with the release of over 700 barramundi fingerlings into the Herbert River.

Each year young fingerlings are released into local waterways that feed into the Hinchinbrook Channel, an initiative undertaken by the Ingham Rod and Reel Club.

This environmentally conscious initiative reflects the club’s dedication to promoting sustainable fishing practices by nurturing the local aquatic ecosystem. The barramundi release showcases the club’s commitment to preserving and enhancing the Herbert River and the Hinchinbrook Channel’s natural ecosystem.

President, Paul Dametto said that it was a strong club value to ensure that barramundi stocks are maintained and topped up to allow local recreational clubs to continue hosting events in the community.

“The club has been releasing fingerlings annually for almost 30 years with the exception of a few years when it couldn’t be done,” President Dametto said.

“The Hinchinbrook Channel is a vast system and by doing releases such as this, time will allow the stock to slowly make their way downstream. They will then grow and hopefully breed, providing a real boost to existing wild stock levels.

“On behalf of the Ingham Rod and Reel Club I would like to thank all of the club’s generous sponsors who support our club and tournaments. I also wish to thank Dave from Jungle Creek Aquaculture for supplying the fish and all of our club members and families. It’s because of everyone’s support that we can put barramundi fingerlings back into the local Hinchinbrook system every year.”

Hinchinbrook MP and Katter’s Australian Party Deputy Leader, Nick Dametto said it was always an exciting time when barramundi fingerlings were being released and the Ingham Rod and Reel Club should be commended for their efforts.

“It’s great to witness our local fish stocks being propped up by the club’s efforts. It also demonstrated the club’s sense of eco responsibility and commitment to sustainable fishing,” Mr Dametto said.

“It’s great to see club members and their kids getting involved. It’s heartwarming to see the next generation of anglers watching and learning about the importance of restocking.”

Anglers are encouraged to keep an eye out for tagged barramundi and if one is caught, please report it to Suntag on 1800 077 001 to assist research. For more information please visit


Nick Dametto MP