Queensland Coal Jobs – don’t Dick around

8th June 2022

State Member for Hinchinbrook and KAP Deputy Leader, Nick Dametto

Katter’s Australian Party (KAP) Deputy Leader and Hinchinbrook MP Nick Dametto has warned the Queensland Treasurer to tread lightly when it comes to our coal jobs, as the Courier Mail revealed the Labor Government was considering raising coal royalties ahead of the state budget.

The secret talks with industry had revealed that such a move could risk future investment and short-change regional communities.

The Hinchinbrook MP likened the move to ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’ as the Government scratched to find ways to prop up the State’s failing healthcare system and pay for the South East Olympics Party in the upcoming State budget.

“Labor knocks the coal industry at every turn in their race to net zero, but when it comes to the propping up the budget it’s the cash cow and let me tell you they are milking it for everything it’s got,” Mr Dametto said.

“Regional Queensland coal industry is the bread winner for the state, but recklessly increasing royalties could put those mining jobs on shaky ground.

“I want to see “Big Coal’ paying its fair share, but we can’t just ‘up the rent’ every time the budget blows out because of Labor’s addictive spending habits.”

Mr Dametto said it would be North Queenslanders who would be short-changed in any royalty hike.

“Rising royalties will likely risk jobs in the long term, for job growth, mining companies must remain competitive on the global market, we have the highest input costs in the world and increased energy prices are already having an effect on investment,” Mr Dametto said.

“We should be enjoying the cheapest domestic and commercial electricity prices in the world, but funnily enough the demonisation of coal and gas has landed us in this position.

“The Labor party must make peace with coal, yesterday the Federal Labor Government was urging coal operators to bring coal-fired power stations back online, and now the Queensland Treasury is seeking to squeeze a few more dollars out of it.

“I urge Federal and State Labor to be cautious when sending mixed messaging to the coal industry. As an ex-miner let me tell you Queensland workers are protective of one thing, and that’s the job that puts food on their children’s plate. Messing with mining will hurt the State in the long term.”

Nick Dametto MP