Opinion – Home education

Hinchinbrook MP and KAP Deputy Leader, Nick Dametto.

29 January 2024

Home schooling numbers across Queensland have skyrocketed, and the Queensland Government is threatening to crack down on parents who opt out of the mainstream education system and choose to educate their children at home instead.

Figures show that in 2019 there were 3,411 students registered for home education and in 2023 that figure had blown out to 10,048.

The shift, seemingly triggered by Covid-19, has only continued to rise and now the State Government wants to review the State’s education legislation and potentially alter the way home learning is conducted. Instead of turning on parent’s, this Government needs to turn the mirror on themselves and ask the big question, why are so many families making the choice to educate from home?

I’ve spoken with many parents who for various reasons have become so dissatisfied with the mainstream education system that they have either opted for home education or strongly considered it. Parents should be better supported to make those decisions and not be chastised by the Government for their choices.

The most common complaint I receive relates to violence in schools and the inability of schools and teachers to protect vulnerable students. I completely understand why those parents who are fearful of what their children experience at school would prefer to keep them home where they can be safe but also receive an education.

I don’t think cracking down on those parents is the right way to go. Instead, the State Government should channel its efforts into addressing the root causes of parental dissatisfaction with traditional schooling.

Parents are constantly having their rights taken away from them and this is a perfect example of a time when they should be allowed to make the best decision for them and their children without Government interference.

If the standard of education is the main concern there is no reason Education Queensland can’t work collaboratively with parents to develop a consistent curriculum package to be followed by home educators.


Nick Dametto MP