No justification for keeping “no jab, no job” mandates

16th February 2022

KAP MPs Rob Katter and Nick Dametto with Phil Nataro, Tracy Tully and Margaret Gilbert, who were speaking out against workplace vaccine mandates in late 2020.

The Queensland Government must move to out-law “no jab, no job” mandates alongside the scrapping of mask rules and vaccination requirements to enter public venues, Katter’s Australian Party MPs have said.

The call comes following reports that the Queensland State Government will contemplate lifting a number of COVID-19 restrictions following a fall in case numbers and hospitalisations.

Katter’s Australian Party Deputy Leader and Hinchinbrook MP Nick Dametto said keeping mandates that targeted the working population served no useful purpose, and workplace mandates should be dumped to allow affected individuals to get back to work.

“The vaccine mandates are punitive and discriminatory; they never should have been enforced in the first place,” he said.

“Now keeping them in place while possibly lifting other restrictions doesn’t make any sense.

“Mandatory mask-wearing as a health measure has basically become obsolete, and while there might be a personal protective measure in wearing them, the choice should be up to the individual.

“The segregation from public places has to go too – those who have chosen not to be vaccinated represent a negligible portion of the public and I would argue pose very little risk, if any, to vaccinated patrons.”

Mr Dametto said alongside masks and proof of vaccine requirements to visit cafes, restaurants, pubs and other venues, workplace mandates must end.

“At a time where crime runs rampant in our streets, teachers should be teaching and police need to be policing – our health system requirements are also limitless, and sick people need medical workers on deck,” he said.

“It’s time to send these essential Queenslanders back to work without making demands about their vaccine status.

“The State Governments needs to follow suit from Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, which has today announced it will not mandate the vaccines for firefighters.[1]

“This has set a precedent that could be the cornerstone decision which signals the end of all workplace vaccination mandates across Queensland.”



Nick Dametto MP