Nationals Minister jumps the gun and misleads firearm owners

22 November 2021

Nick Dametto MP.

HINCHINBROOK MP, Nick Dametto has criticised Federal Nationals Minister, Bridget McKenzie, for ‘jumping the gun’ when she announced in a press release last month that Australia Post and StarTrack would begin carriage of firearms from mid-October.[1]

This is in fact is not the case, as an agreement between firearms industry representatives and Australia Post and StarTrack has not been finalised yet, and the transportation of firearms has not begun.

Katter’s Australian Party (KAP) MP, Nick Dametto, said the Minister’s premature announcement had caused much angst for sporting shooters, farmers and other firearms users.

These groups had already been left in the lurch when TNT and Fedex announced they would cease transporting firearms earlier in the year.[2]

“My office has had confused constituents calling up, wondering why they can’t transport firearms and ammunition through Australia Post and StarTrack,” Mr Dametto said.

“They’ve been told by representatives of Startrack that the company only takes carriage of firearms for the military and police services. This will continue to be the case until a formal deal is struck.

“I appreciate the Minister’s passion for firearms users, but as politicians it is important that we provide accurate information to the public, rather than false hope. Firearms are an essential part of people’s businesses and livelihoods, and they need reliable information.”

Hinchinbrook constituent claimed no other Australian citizen has to put up with the amount of bureaucratic nonsense as law abiding firearms owners have to.

“As firearms are not classified as ‘dangerous goods’ under legislation, then there is no reason why any carrier cannot transport from one licenced dealer to another licensed dealer Australia wide,” he said.

“How hard can it be to ship wood and steel?

“This is what happens when uneducated seat warmers are put in charge of making decisions on subjects they know less than nothing about.”

Mr Dametto said he would continue to seek the latest information on when Australia Post and StarTrack will begin to offer a firearms transportation service, through the office of Kennedy MP, Bob Katter.




Nick Dametto MP