Major parties throw farmers out to sea on reef regs

24th February 2022

Nick Dametto MP

Labor and the LNP appear set to vote together against Katter’s Australian Party’s Reef Regulations Reversal Bill, in a move that KAP Deputy Leader and Hinchinbrook MP Nick Dametto would be a “dark moment in history” for Queensland farmers.

Mr Dametto’s Environmental and Other Legislation (Reversal of Great Barrier Reef Protection Measures) Amendment Bill 2021debate was debated in the Queensland Parliament yesterday, with both major parties indicating they will not support the bill.

The LNP’s Shadow Opposition Minister, Sam O’Connor, advised of his intentions the move amendments to the KAP bill that would essentially delete every element of it and instead include two amendments that legally and financially incentivise farmers to comply with State’s reef regulations through industry-managed Best Practice Management (BPM) schemes.

Hinchinbrook MP Nick Dametto said LNP’s move indicated to farmers their position on Labor’s reef laws, which was one of support.

“Good on them I say – they’re showing their hand and finally we know what side of the fence they sit on and it’s not on the farmers’ side,” MP Dametto said.

“The LNP have been riding two horses for too long – the Liberal and the National ideology; the KAP has been pointing this out for years, you can’t effectively represent both.

“I would ask the question” why didn’t they put in their own bill?

“Their amendments omit any repeal of the draconian 2019 legislation and effectively endorses Labor’s environmental policy.

“Anyone who’s hung their hat on the LNP expecting fairer laws for farmers if they were in government should be gutted by these amendments.”

Mr Dametto said he was looking forward to the impending vote on his bill, which was likely to be on March 15th.


Nick Dametto MP