LNP hypocrites on 4WD laws

HINCHINBROOK MP Nick Dametto has called out the Liberal National Party (LNP) over their support of 4WD owners while they continue to stand by Newman-era laws which unfairly penalise mum and dad drivers.

The Katter’s Australian Party (KAP) MP said it was laughable LNP Member for Clayfield Tim Nicholls had the gall to condemn the State Government in parliament over inconsistent vehicle lift regulations while remaining silent on Newman-era Anti-Hooning laws which unfairly penalised modified 4WD owners.

“The LNP’s hypocrisy on this is breathtaking. It was their nanny state laws that were the catalyst for the mess we find ourselves in now,” Mr Dametto said.

“The Type 2 Anti-Hooning Illegal Modifications laws have been unfairly used to target vehicles who are just driving down the road without displaying any anti-social or dangerous behaviour. Yet motorists risk having their 4WDs defected or impounded by police due to the ambiguous vehicle lift laws that were only cleared up today.

“4WD owners should not be viewed as a threat on our roads and that’s why I put a Question on Notice to parliament this week calling on Police Minister Mark Ryan to remove the unnecessary Type 2 Illegal Modifications category from the Anti-Hooning laws.”

Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey confirmed today he will implement changes to the Queensland Code of Practice which govern vehicle lift laws.

It followed a long-standing lobbying effort by industry body 4WD Queensland and the wider 4WD community to end the uncertainty over vehicle lift modifications in a bid to stop motorists being unfairly targeted by police.

Mr Dametto lent his voice to the cause on Monday, highlighting the lack of clarity over Transport and Main Road’s vehicle lift laws.

From next month, the maximum lift certifiable in Queensland will be raised from 125mm to 150mm.

For vehicles with Electronic Stability Control, owners will be able to raise their vehicles up to 75mm (incorporating a maximum of 50mm suspension and 25mm tyre increase) without certification.

“This is a win for modified 4WD owners and I thank the Minister for finally listening to industry bodies like 4WD Queensland on these changes after the debacle earlier this month on the Gold Coast with Operation Lift,” Mr Dametto said.

“I trust the Minister will now work closely with the 4WD community in advising how the changes will be implemented.”

Nick Dametto MP