Letter to the Editor: RE: Qld MPs in contempt for ‘inciting’ pro-Palestine protest – Courier Mail – 14/06/2024

18 June 2024

The strong support that Robbie Katter MP and I have received in the wake of last week’s Ethics Committee ruling has not gone unnoticed and I wish to take this opportunity to thank those who took the time to personally reach out and pass on their support and gratitude.

On 7 March 2024, Mr Katter and I fronted a pro-Palestine rally at the gates of Queensland’s Parliament House. On that day, we both held up signs that read “CONDEMN HAMAS” in support of the Israeli’s who were attacked by the terrorist organisation on the 7th of October 2023.

For that breach, we were found in contempt of the parliament for breaking the longstanding rule which prohibits protest material being displayed on the parliamentary precinct. It was for that reason that when requested to provide an unequivocal apology to the House by the Ethics Committee I did so in line with parliamentary convention. I believe upholding the integrity of Queensland’s Parliament is a necessary requirement as an elected State Member and I hold that responsibility in the highest regard.

Mr Katter and I broke the rules unintentionally which I accept. If faced with the same scenario again, all I would change is where I was standing to deliver that strong message. Australia needs strong leaders that stand for what they believe in, the standard you walk past is the standard you accept as far as I’m concerned and the Greens leading a pro- Palestine rally pushing an anti-Semitic message without any opposition is something I won’t accept.

I will always stand up for my beliefs, even if it is frowned upon by the court of public opinion. In closing, I reiterate my statement – Condemn Hamas. Free the hostages.

Deputy Leader of the Katter’s Australian Party and State Member for Hinchinbrook,

Nick Dametto.



Nick Dametto MP