KAP Statement: LNP adopts another KAP policy

7 July 2024

In a sensational move today, after almost two years, the LNP leader David Crisafulli has come out in support of the Katter’s Australian Party (KAP) youth crime policy of adult crime = adult time.

The Opposition Leader’s announcement was made during the LNP’s state convention this weekend.  It follows suit of the LNP’s previous backflip on removal of detention as last resort which was first introduced by the KAP in 2021 but voted down by the LNP. Later, in 2023 they sought to introduce it as their own and were reminded by the Speaker of the House that they couldn’t due to KAP’s prior introduction.

Deputy Leader Nick Dametto proudly announced KAP’s Adult Crime = Adult Time policy on the 3rd of November 2022. Now two years later, and with the October election looming, the LNP who have been called out for the last 12 months on being short of youth crime policy and strategy, have opted to blindly adopt KAP’s policy and rebrand it as their own.

The LNP is so disconnected with the everyday person they wouldn’t have the gumption to create a policy like this on their own, which demonstrates why KAP is so important to Queensland politics. We are out there talking to real people and understanding their lived experiences while the LNP have wasted this whole term, not even introducing one legitimate bill.

True to form the LNP, after almost three and a half years of finger pointing at the Government, neglected their own policy development, and have been left with very little option but to copy KAP’s homework to bolster their own policies before going to the polls.


Nick Dametto MP