Hinchinbrook backs Dametto’s call for a CT scanner for Ingham Hospital

Hinchinbrook MP and KAP Deputy Leader, Nick Dametto.

 State Member for Hinchinbrook and Katter’s Australian Party Deputy Leader, Nick Dametto, has brought together community organisations and individuals from across the Herbert district to support his calls for a computed tomography (CT) scanner at the Ingham Hospital.

More than 30 community group representatives joined Mr. Dametto at the Ingham Hospital to sign a ‘registration of support’ to demonstrate that Hinchinbrook needs a 24-hour CT scanner for the Ingham Hospital.

The Hinchinbrook MP stated the community has gone without for far too long and it was time to prove to the State Labor Government that the community backs his calls.

“I would like to thank those who attended the Ingham Hospital to sign the registration of support. The fact that this has support from a wide variety of community organisations and sporting clubs clearly demonstrates this is what constituents need,” Mr Dametto said.

“To continue applying political pressure, I will be delivering the registration of support with more than 30 signatures to the Minister in the coming weeks.

“It’s important that regional communities such as Hinchinbrook have access to essential medical equipment so that lives can be saved.

“Currently, Ingham is only one of two regional hospitals without a 24-hour, publicly available CT scanner and that’s simply not good enough. Why should Ingham have to go without?

“The current process of transferring patients to Townsville outside of business hours delays treatment and chews up Queensland healthcare staff, resources and ambulances. It also makes the service provided to patients more time consuming and complex.

“The Minister has recognised that emergencies happen outside of business hours and the further discussions are being had about how we can secure a 24/7 CT scanner for the Ingham Hospital.”

Chair of the Ingham Hospital Community Advisory Network, Mr Peter Smith, said that discussions with the previous Health Minister had limited success but the newly appointed Health Minister, Hon. Shannon Fentiman had been much more receptive.

“We are hopeful that with continued lobbying we can urge the Health Minister to see that we get a CT scanner at the Ingham Hospital 24/7,” Mr Smith said.

“We are very hopeful.”

Mr Dametto, with the support of the Ingham Hospital Community Advisory Network, will engage in further negotiations with the Health Minister and deliver the registration of support to demonstrate that the community supports the calls for a 24/7 CT scanning service for the Ingham Hospital.



Nick Dametto MP