Health Minister commits to delivering a CT Scanner for Ingham Hospital


KAP Deputy Leader and Hinchinbrook MP, Nick Dametto with local community groups and organisation representatives.

15 November 2023

Katter’s Australian Party (KAP) Deputy Leader and State Member for Hinchinbrook, Nick Dametto, is thrilled to announce that today in Parliament the Health Minister has committed to delivering a CT Scanner for the Ingham Hospital.

The Hinchinbrook MP asked the Health Minister through a Question without Notice how long trauma and stroke patients would be forced to go without having access to a 24-hour CT scanner in Ingham.

The Health Minister responded stating the Government will deliver a CT scanner at the Ingham Hospital to be staffed by Queensland Health doctors and nurses.

The Hon. Shannon Fentiman advised that the State Government had worked with the Townsville Hospital and Health Service to prioritise the funding.

Nick Dametto MP stated that after years of advocacy he was excited to deliver this news to Hinchinbrook, and it would not have been possible without the support of the community.

“I appreciate that the Minister acknowledged that medical emergencies do not happen in business hours,” he said.

“The current situation where patients are being transferred to either the local private provider, between nine and five, or Townsville Hospital is chewing up resources during a healthcare crisis and worker shortage. Sending a patient 120km down the road for a CT scanner is absolutely ludicrous in this day and age.

“Having a 24-hour CT scanner at the Ingham Hospital will enable faster and more accurate medical imaging, improve patient care, reduce wait times, and improve the overall efficiency of the Ingham and Townsville Hospitals.

“This announcement is a result of our collaborative efforts, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Peter Smith (Ingham Health Service Community Advisory Network Chair), Ingham Health Service Community Advisory Network, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Advisory Network, Townsville Hospital and Health Service and Mayor Ramon Jayo.”

The Hinchinbrook MP also acknowledged the 30 community organisations and representatives that came together on Monday, 17 July 2023 to sign a registration of support which included signatures from Ingham Disability Support Services, Ingham Gymnastics, Meals on Wheels, Herbert River Jockey Club, Ingham Theatre

Group, Ozcare, Forrest Beach Progress Association, Ingham Tennis, Hinchinbrook Shire Council, Ingham Golf, Lions Club, Taylors Beach Progress Association and Queensland Country Women’s Association Forrest Beach.

Ingham Health Service Community Advisory Network Chair, Peter Smith was very excited when Mr Dametto phoned to deliver the news.

“It is the most welcome announcement, and we look forward to an early delivery of a 24-hour CT scanner for the Ingham Hospital.

“We are also very pleased to hear that the delivery will also include the CT scanner being staffed by Queensland Health staff.

“We are so thankful for the work and advocacy of Nick Dametto MP and many others.”

Hinchinbrook Shire Council Mayor Ramon Jayo stated that it was exciting news for the community, and he thanked everyone involved.

“Transferring a patient to get a CT scan can be very painful and traumatic for the patient to get in and out of an ambulance,” he said.

“This is very exciting news for our elderly population, having access to a 24-hour CT scanner for the Ingham Hospital will be very beneficial for the treatment of patients.

“I’m very pleased to hear that the Government will be funding and delivering this for our community.”

The Hinchinbrook MP looks forward to meeting with the Health Minister while in Parliament to discuss further details.



Nick Dametto MP