Firearm trading ban needs to be fully lifted

Hinchinbrook MP Nick Dametto attends a Firearms Safety Course in Townsville, organised by Pagan Firearms, earlier this year.

RECREATIONAL and sport shooters are still being prevented from buying firearms and ammunition despite no clear reasoning from the State Labor Government as to why, says Hinchinbrook MP Nick Dametto.

Mr Dametto has consistently called for the entire ban to be lifted, even after Katter’s Australian Party worked with the firearms industry to force the government to put a number of license code exemptions in place which allowed licensed dealers to sell to primary producers and pest controllers in need of firearms and ammunition to manage properties.

“From day one, I have said there was no evidence-based reason for any of these trading restrictions to have been implemented,” he said.

“The Chief Health Officer and the State Labor Government have never provided shooters with a clear reason for the ban other than a vague reference to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s simply not good enough.”

Mr Dametto said in his view, there was no reason why licensed recreational and sport shooters could not safely shoot their firearms at a range or private property while observing the existing social distancing and gathering measures that were in place.

“This is textbook discrimination. Licensed firearm owners are amongst the most heavily scrutinised citizens in Queensland. The only explanation for why they are being discriminated against is because of a Labor anti-gun party policy,” he said.

“Katter’s Australian Party will continue to work with all stakeholders to lobby the government to overturn this unjust ban and allow recreational and sport shooters the right to access the ammunition and firearms they need to safely enjoy their chosen pastime.”

Nick Dametto MP