Farm machinery sheds over 500m2 get the tick of approval

Mayor Ramon Jayo, Nick Dametto MP, Joe Grotelli & Minister Mick de Brenni.

23 January 2024

In a positive step for the agricultural community, the Queensland Development Code (QDC) has undergone a transformative alignment with the National Construction Code (NCC) to finally allow farmers across the state to construct sheds exceeding 500m2 without the mandatory installation of expensive fire suppression systems.

For years, farmers have faced hurdles in expanding their machinery storage sheds due to onerous regulations. The newfound alignment with the NCC acknowledges the practical needs of the agricultural sector, allowing farmers an exemption that applies exclusively to sheds designed for the sole purpose of storing machinery.

After more than two years in the making, Minister de Brenni travelled to Ingham to make the announcement alongside local Hawkins Creek farmer Joe Grotelli, Hinchinbrook Shire Mayor Ramon Jayo and Hinchinbrook MP Nick Dametto who first raised the issue on behalf of farmers and lobbied extensively for the necessary changes.

Mr Joe Grotelli said that he and other farmers were restrained for a long time from building adequate machinery sheds due to the building rules.

“I approached The Hinchinbrook Shire Council and Nick Dametto to try and get these rules amended, and at long last we were successful,” Mr Grotelli said.

“I’d like to thank Mayor Jayo, Nick Dametto and the Minister for what they’ve done in changing these rules.

“We saved not only ourselves upwards of $150,000, but hopefully saved a lot of other people similar amounts in the future if they want to build sheds and store their machinery.”

Mayor Jayo said the code in its previous form created a serious impediment for farmers who just needed a basic shed to store their machinery away from the weather.

“A large open sided machinery shed poses a very low risk to humans in the event of an emergency and over the top fire suppression requirements that previously applied were impractical and unaffordable,” Mayor Jayo said.

“The alignment of the Queensland and Commonwealth codes will be a relief to farmers right across the state and I would like to thank everyone involved for their efforts in getting these changes put through.”

Hinchinbrook MP and Katter’s Australian Party Deputy Leader Nick Dametto said the revised code removed expensive barriers that for too long had prevented the construction of basic machinery sheds.

“This new alignment between the QDC and the NCC makes it more affordable for farmers who need to build a shed over 500 square metres to protect their farm equipment,” Mr Dametto said.

“Cane farms use millions of dollars of heavy equipment and here in North Queensland you can’t just leave it sitting out in the rain.

“Thanks must go to Minister de Brenni for seeing these changes through as well as all the departmental staff who were involved in making sure these changes could be put in place.”

Farmers are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the updated Queensland Development Code. More information can be found here:



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