Dametto’s priority checklist to form govt

Hinchinbrook MP Nick Dametto has laid out his wishlist to form minority government should Katter’s Australian Party secure the balance of power after this year’s State election.

HINCHINBROOK MP Nick Dametto has detailed his list of commitments set to deliver growth for the electorate as Queensland faces a likely hung parliament after this year’s election.

Mr Dametto said both major parties had neglected Hinchinbrook for far too long and would need to work “extremely hard” to gain his support if Katter’s Australian Party were in a position of power after the October 31 election.

“The LNP have spruiked funding for a list of projects like all-tidal access for Cardwell, Lucinda and Forrest Beach, which I have lobbied strongly for during this term. But they will need to be fully funded to get my support,” he said.

“Likewise, I want to see the Paluma to Wallaman Falls eco-trail and Cardwell’s mountain bike trails developed, the expansion of the First Home Owners’ Grant to include existing homes in regional areas and the retention of our youth locally through training and building on new industries.

“If you look at the current polls, it’s likely we are headed for a hung parliament. This puts KAP in the hot seat to negotiate a large chunk of the State’s funding pie.

“Together with my colleagues Traeger MP Robbie Katter and Hill MP Shane Knuth, we’ll be putting the screws on Brisbane to make sure they deliver for regional Queensland by building the infrastructure and providing services we desperately need.”

Mr Dametto said that Ingham deserved better health services and would ensure funding is secured for a satellite dialysis unit, CT scanner and emergency department upgrades so works can start immediately on the “life-saving” facilities.

“The people of the Herbert River District have been crying out for these services and I’m determined to deliver them,” he said.

On the agricultural front, Mr Dametto would be seeking support for the KAP’s bill to repeal Labor’s farm destroying reef regulations, the repeal of the latest amendments to the vegetation management legislation and State funding for crop diversification such as grain silos in the Herbert River District.

“To build northern Australia, we need to rid Queensland of this ridiculous red and green tape that is killing off agriculture and the development of our state,” he said.

“To help reduce input costs for farming, I’ll be demanding that the State cut water tariffs by 25 per cent for farmers, which would add up to $220 million to the Queensland economy over the next four years, and invest in the North Queensland Bio Energy sugar mill that would provide local jobs and help return more of the profits back to our region.”

Mr Dametto said either major party wishing to form minority government would need to implement the KAP’s relocation sentencing policy that would give judges a third option to send repeat juvenile offenders away to a remote property near Mt Isa where they would reform and learn life skills on the land.

“I won’t be budging on any of these projects and policies as I’ve worked extremely hard with the community to lobby the government for funding and change over the last three years,” he said.

“People are sick of the pandering to Brisbane that goes on and are smart enough to see through any promises made by the major parties during election time. Katter’s Australian Party will stop at nothing to accelerate the North.”

Mr Dametto said he had proven that even without the balance of power, the KAP had still been effective in delivering for Hinchinbrook.

“Over the last term, I’ve played a significant role in delivering more than $160 million for roads, up to $4.3 million in conditional State funding towards the replacement of Port Hinchinbrook’s Sewage Treatment Plant, $2.4 million for Herbert River Improvement Trust, $1.7 million in COVID Works for Queensland funding for Hinchinbrook Shire Council’s Dungeness boat ramp carpark upgrade, $1.5 million in Federal funding to dredge Cardwell’s One Mile Creek and $1.2 million for repairs to Lucinda Jetty,” he said.

“It goes without saying that when you have a proactive local member supported by the community, you have a good chance of getting things done. I will continue to fight for Hinchinbrook’s fair share.”

Nick Dametto MP