Dametto to Labor: End This Madness

Hinchinbrook MP Nick Dametto addresses media this morning to discuss Queensland’s worsening crime crisis.

HINCHINBROOK MP Nick Dametto has threatened to move a motion of no confidence in the State Labor Government unless they toughen up legislation to deal with Queensland’s escalating crime crisis.

An emotional Mr Dametto said he was in no mood for any more excuses from Labor after the deaths of four innocent people in the space of two weeks as a result of stolen vehicles involved.

“This carnage on our streets needs to stop now. There’s no difference between a teenager driving a stolen vehicle down the wrong side of the road as a weapon than someone standing in the middle of a mall waving a butcher’s knife,” he said.

“The community has had enough of do-gooders in the ear of the government telling them that this go softly approach is working as these repeat offenders ruin lives while thumbing their nose at the law.”

Mr Dametto said he wanted the government to dedicate the first sitting week of parliament later this month to moving emergency legislation to put an end to the escalating crime crisis and have the Attorney General and Youth Justice Minister formally challenge any decision made by a magistrate who been granted bail to any person charged with an unlawful use of a motor vehicle offence until legislation can be passed to ensure dangerous criminals are off the streets.

“Failure to do so will see Katter’s Australian Party move a motion to call for a vote of no confidence in the Palaszczuk Government,” he said.

“The State Labor Government has two weeks to come up with a circuit breaker solution. I would suggest if the Premier, Attorney General, Police and Youth Justice Minister want to take this seriously, they should be bunkering down with their Director Generals and Departmental Heads until they come up with their plan to address what is the number one issue in our community.

“Innocent people have lost their lives. What more will it take for the State Government to do something meaningful to stop the daily madness on our streets?” he said.

“The community’s patience has run out. The time for talk and listening is over. We demand action.”

Nick Dametto MP