Dametto puts insurers on notice over flood recovery

INSURANCE companies who fail to pay up to customers affected by North Queensland’s devastating floods face a monumental public backlash and will be run out of the region, says Hinchinbrook MP Nick Dametto.

In a Private Member’s Statement delivered in parliament this afternoon, Mr Dametto threatened to “name and shame” insurance companies who failed to honour policies taken out by flood-affected customers.

“We will sort the good from the bad and we will nail your name to the post for all to see who has been naughty or nice. Otherwise, it will be a dark time for you all when it comes to policy renewals this year,” he said.

“Already I’m getting calls from insurance claimants reporting bullying and technicalities highlighted in their product disclosure statement that make their claim hard to process.

“I urge insurance companies to review their contractual agreements with repairers. 60 day accounts on works completed puts the little guy out of the game, creating a scenario where larger, out of town contractors have the chance to capitalise on our misfortunes.”

Mr Dametto also put the Queensland Building and Construction Commission on notice, urging the regulator to “do your job and oversee the building and construction industry during this time”.

“We can assure that we have homes repaired to the highest standards by using local, reputable contractors,” he said.

“Every home owner has a choice of repairer, and I urge them not to agree to any repairs or works they’re not comfortable with.”

The “unsung heroes” of the flood disaster were praised by Mr Dametto in his speech, highlighting the efforts of all emergency services, the Australian Defence Force, Townsville City Council, Ergon Energy, selfless residents, volunteers and construction firm Holcim in helping with both the response and recovery efforts.

“To the Holcim crew, it was a pleasure to work side by side with you in the rain while trying to save homes to being involved in the extensive clean up,” he said.

“I commend Townsville City councillors for your tireless efforts, with special mention to Councillor Margie Ryder. Hats off to the work of the Townsville Local Disaster Management Group, Mayor Jenny Hill’s leadership and each and every participant in that group. You did what was necessary to see us through this natural disaster while mitigating the risk and damage caused to our city. Please know I have appreciated your every effort.

“We now face the monumental task of cleaning up and rebuilding, and as North Queenslanders we will band together and we will get through this.”

Nick Dametto MP