Dametto pressures Minister over Reef regs


HINCHINBROOK MP Nick Dametto has questioned Environment Minister Leeanne Enoch on Labor’s farm-destroying Reef regulations and the validity of the science used to impose them on growers.

In a Question Without Notice in parliament this week, Mr Dametto asked whether Ms Enoch would commit to amending her government’s Reef regulations should the outcome of an LNP-backed Federal Senate enquiry call for change.

In her response, Ms Enoch defended Labor’s stance and reiterated the importance of the Great Barrier Reef to justify why the State Government passed their amendments to the Environmental Protection Act, before proceeding to attack the LNP’s position on protecting the Great Barrier Reef.

Mr Dametto said Ms Enoch’s response demonstrated Labor was not willing to budge on the Reef regulations which were “tying farmers up in red and green tape”.

“Labor have committed to an anti-farming ideology instead of backing agriculture, and the Minister’s response to my question confirms they have no intention of changing their position even if the findings of the current LNP-backed Federal Senate inquiry calls for change,” Mr Dametto said.

“The only guarantee that the latest amendments to the Environmental Protection Act will be reversed is if Katter’s Australian Party found itself in a position of power to form government after this year’s State election.”

Mr Dametto said the KAP was committed to making that legislative change so agriculture would be freed from “the tentacles of green-tinged bureaucracy”.

“Labor’s amendments have crippled agriculture in Queensland and I’m afraid a change of government alone won’t be enough to see these amendments scrapped. Growers will need the KAP to force it through, just like we did with sugar marketing in 2015,” Mr Dametto said.

“That is the only way to guarantee change. Our agribusinesses depend on it.”

Nick Dametto MP