Dametto congratulates Ingham’s latest published author

26 October 2021

Nick Dametto MP and Amy Aquilini.

HINCHINBROOK MP Nick Dametto has applauded Ingham’s inspiring author Amy Aquilini on the launch of her new book STRONG.

The determined young woman has made the most of the hand she was dealt after sustaining life-threatening injuries from a quad bike accident back in September, 2013.

Ingham local Ms. Aquilini fought back during her rehab and recovery journey, and now puts her time and energy into being the change she wants to see in the world.

Ms. Aquilini has now published her first book, STRONG, which tells her personal story of being a Traumatic Brain Injury survivor.

Mr. Dametto said Ms. Aquilini was a determined, resilient, and strong woman, who refused to let her injuries stop her from achieving her dreams.

“During Amy’s recovery journey, she had to learn to speak again and now she’s an author and motivational speaker. What an incredibly unique story,” he said.

“With her positive outlook on life she will continue to push her limits and inspire others.”

Ms. Aquilini said her unique perspective she now had on the world was greatly formed by her survival journey, and she now felt compelled to share with others.

“I wanted to write my memoir so that it could be a survival guide for others and show people how they too, can recreate their lives regardless of their struggles,” she said.

“The satisfaction I feel coming out the end of my survival journey, knowing I have achieved what I have in the last eight years, both in my personal life and public life regardless of being labelled as ‘never being a functioning member of society’ is pretty powerful.

“My next big goal is to get my YouTube channel, podcast and blog functioning efficiently as well as continuing to grow my brand and merchandise line.

“Chuck a baby or two in the mix and I’ll be continuing to create the life I want to live on my own terms.

“I would love to release a new novel every few years, but I will just continue to chase the one or two goals in front of me so that I can continue to build my empire and not fall smack bang on my face.”

Ms. Aquilini’s new book STRONG can be purchased through Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, Amazon, Kindle, Indigo, Smashwords, Book Depository, social media platforms and www.aquoonline.com.au.

Copies that are purchased through Ms. Aquilini’s website will be personally signed by the inspiring author.

Mr. Dametto congratulated Ms. Aquilini on her latest achievements and wishes her success for her future endeavours.


Nick Dametto MP