Dametto calls for road review

A DANGEROUS stretch of road which saw two people lose their lives earlier this month has prompted Hinchinbrook MP Nick Dametto to call for an urgent review by Transport and Main Roads (TMR).

Mr Dametto said the Bruce Highway between the Cardwell Range and Tully needed to be upgraded in order to avoid a repeat of June 4’s fatal accident, which involved a collision between a truck and car.

“I have driven past the location of the accident at Conn Creek and I was shell-shocked to see the crash site. It looked as though a bomb had gone off,” he said.

“I’m calling for an immediate review on what has become a notorious section of the highway to drive. There needs to be adequate infrastructure in place to handle the high volume of traffic that comes through this part of the highway on a daily basis.

“The absence of adequate turning lanes and overtaking lanes coupled with narrow bridges makes me cringe every time I’m about to drive this section of the Bruce Highway.

“I would suggest TMR look at increasing the number of turning lanes and overtaking lanes as well as bridge widening for this busy section of highway.”
Mr Dametto said the State Government “could not afford to keep neglecting major roads in North Queensland”.

“This is a national highway and deserves to be treated as one. I would like to echo the concerns of several locals and local Councillor Glenn Raleigh who have aired their concerns to me about the section between Cardwell Range and Tully. The government shouldn’t be playing Russian Roulette with people’s lives,” he said.

“I acknowledge the resurfacing and maintenance works that are underway in this area but more needs to be done. TMR should look at every possible option to improve this section with safety upgrades that will minimise the chance of a future accident. Small and heavy vehicles should be able to use this road without needing to take unnecessary risks.”

Nick Dametto MP