Bright future set for Cardwell

HINCHINBROOK MP Nick Dametto believes Cardwell could soon regain its status as a tourism hotspot following a Supreme Court decision on the mortgagee of Port Hinchinbrook.

Justice James Henry determined in the Cairns Supreme Court his afternoon that applicant Sino-Resource Import and Export Co Ltd was the legitimate mortgagee of Port Hinchinbrook in what will provide some much-needed clarity for locals tired of the development’s long-running saga.

Mr Dametto stressed that while the decision would not fix all of Port Hinchinbrook’s problems, those parties involved now had clarity over the residential marina’s future.

“I know this decision has been a long time coming and many residents were eagerly awaiting the outcome. We all want a solution to the many issues that have plagued the development for too long,” he said.

“Now that we have a court decision, I see this as an opportunity for residents to work with the new mortgagee of Port Hinchinbrook and the State Government in a bid to rectify some of the issues, such as dredging One Mile Creek.”

Mr Dametto said he was hopeful the State Government could be convinced to fund the dredging, now that Port Hinchinbrook had new owners and some level of financial certainty.

In March, Mr Dametto tabled a paper petition in parliament with 1355 signatures to the State Government calling for One Mile Creek to be dredged to allow all-tidal access for Cardwell Coast Guard.

He followed this up with an adjournment speech highlighting how important it was for the State Government to maintain the state-owned water ways within the Port Hinchinbrook development.

“All-tidal access should be a fundamental right for any recreational or commercial boat operator living in a coastal community,” Mr Dametto said.

“It’s time for the State Government to take responsibility.”

Nick Dametto MP