Bill to eradicate PC from the workplace

HINCHINBROOK MP Nick Dametto has urged the community to get behind a new Bill designed to protect – and not persecute – people from using common sense gender pronouns in the workplace.

The Katter’s Australian Party MP said a continuous assault on everyday language by the Political Correctness brigade had forced his party to develop the Anti-Discrimination and Other Legislation (Right to Use Gender-Specific Language) Amendment Act 2018 – otherwise known as the “He Said-She Said” Bill.

The Bill will be introduced into parliament this month by Trager MP Robbie Katter.

“The idea that individuals and businesses can now be punished for daring to use long accepted gender specific pronouns like “he” or “she” is absolutely ridiculous,” Mr Dametto said.

“Political correctness is an insidious disease which must be eradicated from society. It’s our hope this Bill goes some way to doing that.”

The Bill will protect an individual’s right to use traditional, gender-based language and protect businesses and other organisations from disadvantage in the provision of facilities and services that exclusively recognise gender as either male or female.

Additionally, the Bill will ensure that gender classifications under Queensland’s Anti-discrimination law reflect accepted shared values without undermining the rights of individuals to use a diverse range of gender classifications in day-to-day environments.

Mr Dametto said while it was unfortunate that a Bill essentially protecting people’s right to free speech had to be brought to parliament, it was symptomatic of a Far Left social culture that fed off mock outrage and professional victims.

“People should not be demonised using long-accepted, gender specific pronouns,” he said.

“You’ve got to ask yourself whether the problem really lies with the individual who chooses to take offence at being referred to in this way.

“We have been approached by Brisbane-based university students who have been marked down on their assignments for using gender-specific language.”

Mr Dametto also encouraged his fellow Queenslanders to stand up and make their voices heard in support of the Bill and not succumb to the forces of political correctness who want to control what people think and say.

“Unless we push back as a community, this kind of politically correct nonsense will keep rearing its head in everyday life,” he said.

Nick Dametto MP